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Call for Moderators

(This post was last modified: 14/01/2017, 07:33 by ralg.)

Hi, how are you guys

I'm here because I've been thinking about contributing. Maybe here, in the spanish section or in the wiki. testing, idk. I really would like to contribute

I'm an IT guy, experienced network engineer, CCNP certified, hobbyist c/c++ programmer but i haven't done much programming since a good deal of time. My native language is spanish and live in latin america gmt-4

I've used the platform since it was vyatta in some small deployments and at my soho but recently wanted to use it in a lab (eve-ng) for tessting and practicing and by chance had a look to a post where you were calling for contributions, so, I'm here

I just wrote a direct message, I think to you @admin, asking to join the team :)


Hello all, I am David.
I know this is not related thread, but wanted to introduce my self on this platform as i am a new member. Hoping to get help from all of the members in future.

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